My Absolute Very Most Favorite Zinnias

There was a time when my zinnia bed looked like this:

Pretty impressive, right? They are still short in the picture as it was only July. They quickly grew 3 – 4 feet tall and bloomed all summer. They got lots of sun, and enough air circulation that powdery mildew was non-issue.

But I also really wanted River Birch trees. The Birch won, and the zinnia bed became the home for 3 trees. I love the bark and we really needed some trees in our yard. But, oh, those zinnias. I could not get them out of my head.

So here we go again. Mike made me a new zinnia bed, and it will soon be filled with State Fair zinnias, which we can look at while sitting under the birch you see in the background. I accept no substitutes. Really, I don’t!

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