I Love Lucille’s Potting Shed

What’s not to love? Lucille’s potting shed is a gardener’s dream come true. I walked in and was smitten.

Mike was worried before I even walked in. If you’ve seen our barn, it doesn’t look like this, and now Mike will live with fear in his heart that someday it will. He already lies awake at night worrying that I might wallpaper the landscape trailer.

This is the place where form and function meet. Sure, she really does store the tools of the trade here, but she does it with such style. Look how nicely she has stored her garden tools – such a smart use of a shoe bag.

You don’t want to see what my collection of tools looks like. Really, you don’t. Oh, OK, you can look at them in Fingers Numb. Our shed inspired me to write this earlier this year:

“Digging through the shed so deep,
my gardening tools buried in the heap.
But out they came and so did I.
A joyous day oh my oh my!”

Lucille’s shed inspires quite differently. She posts those little sayings you come across that tend to get thrown in a drawer.

Same for cards. You know, the really great cards that you get and they too get thrown in a drawer.

Not to mention what Mike calls dinky-doinkies; the cute little collections that you don’t have because you don’t have a place to put them. Lucille does.

She does have the required collection of pots, but somehow they are not so painful to look at.

Let’s go back to my original question ‘What’s not to love?’ We’ll have to leave that unanswered, as I simply could not find anything in this shed that was not to love.

2 comments to I Love Lucille’s Potting Shed

  • Lucille

    Carol, Thank you for the tribute to my shed. It was something I wanted for a long time and enjoy it so much. Only you, a gardener and poet, could put it into words. Lucille

  • Dawn

    Carol, thanks for shedding light (“shedding” ha ha) on what a creative mind can do with a little work and imagination. I am sure others will be inspired to clean up a dark or unused area they have. Dawn

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