Zone 5 – Favorites On The 5th – You Can Build A Flagstone Patio

I welcome you to ‘Zone 5 Favorites on the 5th’. I’ve started posting on the 5th of every month, redirecting visitors to a favorite posting relative to zone 5.

On this 5th day of the 5th month, I could gripe that our brick path isn’t done. But I’m not going to. Never mind that the path was started on April 16th, almost 3 weeks ago.

You might comment that it’s just a path for gosh sake, and we should have finished it already. Ya, right. I have to admit that our brick path has gotten only this far.

It has been 2 steps forward, 1 step back, and then no time to step at all. Even now, its past midnight as I write this, and Mike and I need to be at the Bloomingdale Plant Sale (201 S. Bloomingdale Rd.) to start selling dahlias at 9 AM.

Instead of being concerned that the project we started on April 16th isn’t done, I’m going to be inspired by a completed project. I quote Carolyn, from This Grandmother’s Garden, who says “For six years we dreamed of a beautiful Flagstone Patio where we could sit back and enjoy the beautiful landscape we had created.”

Compared to six years, perhaps I should consider 3 weeks to be just a drop in the bucket, an insignificant ripple in the space/time continuum. With great optimism, I will look forward to the day that my paths and patio are done, rivaling Carolyn’s.

Photo by Carolyn of This Grandmother's Garden

In addition to the inspiring pictures, Carolyn has these articles on the actual process:

The articles get right down to the nitty gritty of building the patio. Carolyn’s handyman is her self-proclaimed ‘honeyman’. You’ve got to like a gal who says he is the “bombdiggity”.

Also check out her poetry and lovely photography. Carolyn may not be a zone 5 gardener, but one visit to her site and you’ll see why I send you there to celebrate Zone 5 – Favorites on the 5th.

I’ve invited other zone 5 bloggers to join me for Zone 5 – Favorites on the 5th. If that’s you, please leave a comment so everyone will know you are part of the gang.

If you are a reader hungry for zone 5 sustenance, please follow the blogger’s links to feed upon their favorite postings.

2 comments to Zone 5 – Favorites On The 5th – You Can Build A Flagstone Patio

  • So nice of you to link to my adventure of “Building a Flagstone Patio”, Carol. We may have dreamed of building it for six years, but with willpower and the help of our children, we started and completed the project in just a couple of months, mostly all day each Saturday. I should mention that we are most definitely Zone 5 gardeners. Our Spring weather is often full of surprises… it’s not uncommon to get a snowstorm in April or May, but the sun will shine and melt it all within a day. Just planted our Tomatoes, now that’s a bit of a gamble. We’ll be watching the weather forecast to see if they need to be covered. Gotta love the challenges Zone 5 brings to your life.

    • Carol Cichorski

      It is certainly encouraging to see that the project was done in just a few months. I sometimes think it takes me that long to get a new plant in the ground. Our zone 5 challenge this year was a really warm and sunny early spring. We are paying for that now with cold, damp, and wet.

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