Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – Max And Snookems At The Chicago Flower & Garden Show

She says: “Oh Max. Here comes Carol Cichorski and her ever present camera. What makes her so special that she is taking our picture at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show before it even opens?”

He says: “Don’t worry Snookems. Everyone from the Garden Writers Association can do that today.”

Snookems: “And I suppose they all had muffins for breakfast, a lovely salad for lunch, and even exclusive speakers of their own.”

Max: “Its true Snookems. Tony Abruscato is the new Show Owner. He’s already brought Hort Couture and your beauty to the show. He told them about his plans to do more.”

Snookems: “Oh Max. Did Dan Heimes speak too? He is the president of Terra Nova Nurseries. I just hate when others get close to presidents and I don’t.”

Max: “Yes they did. Did you know Terra Nova Nurseries cross-bred 275,000 plants in 2010. By the time all was said and done, only 5 were high enough quality to make it into the catalog. All first class, like you my dear. I especially adore the new Heuchera Paprika

Snookems: “Mrs. Witherspoon told me that Carol and that wonderful husband of hers enjoyed their first outside breakfast of the season. We should get out more; you look so pale. What else does she have that I don’t have?”

Max: “Pansies I’m afraid. They were one of the door prizes for the Garden Writers. She planted them herself, so now she can write about them for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens. Those other bloggers write about their blooms as well. There is no stopping them.”

Snookems: “The husband also brought out that positively adorable red swing of theirs. I hear she sits out there waiting for him to come home from work. They both have jobs you know, how sad.”

Snookems: “She isn’t fooling anyone with those tulips. Even I can tell they are a prop for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.”

Max: “How true. It takes one to know one.”

Max: “Well at least she is leaving now, my love.”

Snookems: “For the moment at least. She and Mike are both back on Saturday the 17th. He will talk about those delicious dahlias at 12:15. She will talk about low maintenance gardening at 2:45.”

Max: “Come sit with me. We can vote for her blog at while we wait.”

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