Now Really, What Were The Odds?

I’ve heard that the longer a couple is married, the more alike they become. I’ve heard that they can practically read each others thoughts. I can understand Mike knowing what I’m thinking when we are in the same room. Even without a word being said, Mike can read my body language, and he knows me well enough to know what I’m thinking. But that doesn’t explain this. ‘This’ is my desk, and as you might guess from the setting, I often work from home.

The part that is hard to explain is the orange flowers in the orange vase. It is unusual that I have flowers on my desk this time of year, as it is winter (more of a pseudo winter) in Chicago. It is also unusual that I bought a new vase in winter, as I don’t do that very often. So what were the odds of me buying an orange vase on the same February day that Mike buys me orange roses? The odds must have been pretty good, because the vase and flowers appeared in my kitchen within minutes of each other.

Putting flowers on your desk this time of year is a real cheerer-upper. Lindy used to do this for her desk every week. Seem extravagant? Putting it in perspective, it’s cheaper than a garden. So even if it’s up to you to treat yourself, enjoy!

Odds are good that you can pick up a vase at Hobby Lobby like I did for $5.00. Odds are good that you can get flowers at the grocery store for under $10.00. Odds are good that flowers feed the soul.

7 comments to Now Really, What Were The Odds?

  • Orange is a favorite color of mine. I just bought a few orange parrot tulips yesterday and they certainly did perk up the house.

  • Flowers do feed the soul… at least I think so. Beautiful roses. My favorite for roses. I’m also in love with your header… something you made?

  • I once read a book that the author said she would skip lunch to save the money for flowers. It brought her more happiness and lasted a lot longer than a hamburger. Beautiful orange – I’m going to buy flowers for my home next time I’m out!

  • Lindy L. Vandersteeg

    I still get flowers for my desk every week, it still brightens my day and makes me smile and the fragrence is always so lovely when you get bogged down with work, it takes you away to a garden somewhere, and you’re right when everything around us is getting more and more expensive, flowers are still the cheapest investment in your own sanity you can make.

  • i agree flowers feed the soul. flowers gives calmness and beauty that why i always have fresh flowers at home.

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