Christmas Gifts For The Gardener – Make A Memory For Them

My garden isn’t just decorative. It is also a place that reminds me of others. I like going out in my garden and being surrounded by those memories. Bob and Joann gave us the heart shaped plant hanger, and the sign that reads ‘The best is yet to come’. Susan from Keno Kozie gave me the concrete birds. I left Keno 3 1/2 years ago and I still think of Susan when I see the birds.

Same thing with these stepping stones that Mike’s cousin’s kids made for us. We think of Nick and Anna when we see the stepping stones. Note that Nick and Anna did not get all artsy tartsy, nor did they display Michealango-like talent. Yet the stones are still pretty, and the memories, well, memorable.

We bring the stepping stones in the for winter. I don’t know that we really need to, but we do.

Here is your chance to make a memory like that. HGTV has instructions on how to make stepping stones. They are using common materials; for example a pizza box for a mold. And as you can see by Nick and Anna’s creations, decorations can be as simple as randomly placed glass stones from the craft store.

This project can be messy. If you are looking for other Christmas decorations, handmade gifts, cards and wraps — check out HGTV.

Want more ideas for Christmas gifts for gardeners? See:

Or come back later this week and we’ll see if I can come up with an idea that hits home for you.

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