View From The Bedroom Window

This is the beauty we get to wake up to each morning. (And looking at the title, you thought this was not going to be family friendly. Shame on you. This is a gardening blog.)

13 years ago we moved into this tiny house, and even with the addition we’ve since put on, the house would count as tiny. The yard, not. We did not do a lot of splurging on the addition. If we spent extra money anywhere, it was to get as many windows as we good. You can see why.  Money on draperies – not so much.  You’re looking at an embroidered tablecloth from a garage sale.

What’s not to like? We can even see the Fish Creek sign. Ok, it’s not the real Fish Creek in Door County, but the memories come home with us each year, and we love the reminder.

Last night, our garden was pelted with almost 7″ of rain. The beautiful Rose of Sharon looks even better when it hasn’t been mistreated like that. Not your average Rose of Sharon, you say?  Au contraire, mon amie. Tis your average Rose of Sharon, just not your average presentation. It’s all in the trimming.  We got ours from Usha, who, like so many gardeners, had tiny volunteers popping up in her garden. I trimmed it to keep it to one stem, and now this ‘tree’ blooms beautifully for a good month. You can read more about it in last year’s Rose Of Sharon Surprise

Bet you didn’t even notice there isn’t a lot blooming.  Bet you didn’t even miss the flowers.  In this easy care area, we certainly don’t.  There is plenty of year-around color from the spruce, barberries, and ivy.  Sprinkled during good weather with the contrasting solomon’s seal and tall grasses.  

We’re lovin’ it, and even willing to put up with the racket from all the birds at 4 AM, including the bird on the left who is checking out the view looking in.  Ok, sometimes we aren’t willing to put up with the racket, and we close the window.  But we love their presence, and the beauty, none-the-less.

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  • I’m enjoying this blog with some nice info, have you ever considered a detailed post on flowering shrubs or bushes? I would be happy to help you with research if you are interested, or do you think this is somewhat our of your area of expertise?

    • Carol Cichorski

      That would be a great topic – flowering shrubs and bushes are of interest to me as I try to head into my ‘less work’ phase. I have some and would like more. Consider it added to my list of topics I want to write about.

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