Not Your Ordinary Tulip

I propose that there is no such thing as an ordinary tulip. This tulip is one of many many many we saw at Sun City in Huntley this weekend. At first glance, we saw just rows and rows of tulips. But Mike pulled the car over because he knew I’d see more than that through the camera lens. He was right. Now that you see this tulip close up, can you really say it fits the definition of ordinary? I certainly can’t. I vote for extraordinary. God does good work.

I’m entering this shot in the May Gardening Gone Wild’s photo contest. Like the April contest, the topic is light, with the twist being an emphasis on light in the macro or close-up world. Nailed it!

And now for you: Take a drive, get out of the car and look at a tulip close-up. You can thank me for the experience later.

I earned an honorable mention in the April photo contest!!!!

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