Dahlias Everywhere

We’ve run out of places to put plants, so Mike is considering the microwave and refrigerator.

Perhaps I’ve exaggerated a little. Just a little. Mike has potted up about 500 plants this spring. Some for us, and some for sales. There are about 350 dahlias, 60 calla lilies, 20 cannas, and some morning glories and coleus. They’ve all got to go somewhere until its warm enough for them to be outside. Many are still in the basement. Each day he brings more up, and yet our basement still looks like this.

The garage is full too. They need to all come up to the garage where we can open the door during the day. There are just too many to bring in and out, so they will have to settle for that. Getting the plants hardened off is a step by step process. An hour the first day, a few hours the next, until they are acclimated.

Mike looks happy here, bringing up a load of calla lilies. But I’ll let in on a secret.

He is really concerned about his plants going to good homes. Don’t tell him I told you. Guys are supposed to be tough. I don’t think caring about his 500 babies counts as tough. It does make him loveable though!

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