5 Articles That I Like

You might not have noticed, but my blog is not alone out there. As I did my research for today’s presentation to the Central State Dahlia Society meeting, I found some really good articles. I’ve attached the links so you can go exploring as well.

Testing Soil Quality by Growing Radishes
By Mr. Brown Thumb

Have you ever heard of the phrase “canary in a coalmine?” Coal miners used to take canaries into coal mines where they acted as early-warning signals for toxic gases or fumes. If the birds became sick, or died, miners would have quality of the air they were breathing. You can do something similar to test the quality of your garden’s soil by growing radishes. While growing radishes to test your garden soil will not give you any insight into toxins located in soil, this experiment can give you insight into what is lacking in your garden’s soil … Read more at Mr. Brown Thumb’s site.

Gardening With Tulips: Book Review
By Cold Climate Gardening

I have clay soil and several kinds of rodents in my garden, and I’d pretty much given up on growing tulips, but Gardening with Tulips by Michael King is making me reconsider. Not just because of the gorgeous color photos on every page, but because …. Read more at Cold Climate Gardening.

Hellebore Mania is Imminent: Last Week at Squirrelhaven
By Mr. McGregor’s Daughter’

Dear gardening friends,
While the swallows may return to Capistrano, the excitement around here is the great egrets and great blue herons returning to the pond behind the garden. A great egret visited and snacked on fish on Wednesday. Then the mercury plummeted and snow fell. The egret looked most … Read more at Mr. McGregor’s Daughter’s site.

Anti Inflammatory Herbs – Herbal Remedies for Inflammation and Pain
By Backyard Patch Herbal

As I start moving around and washing my containers for spring planting I am immediately reminded of my age and all of its aches and pains. …There are many herbal therapies that have been tried through ages and have proven … Read more at Backyard Patch Herbal.

Dear Hortense Hoelove: Horticultural Senility?
By May Dreams Gardens

Gardener’s Attention Distraction Syndrome (GADS). This is the condition that causes gardeners to start out intent on completing one activity in the garden, but then they see something else that needs to be done, say to themselves, “gads, I need to do that now”, then they stop and do that, which leads to yet something else to do. They repeat this cycle until they have completely forgotten what they were originally going to do. This constant shifting of focus, of doing one task and then another without really ever finishing anything, is quite … Read more at May Dreams Gardens.

I’m sure I had a point to make by writing this particular blog. Hopefully my own case of GADS did not deter me from reaching it, as I’m done now.

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