Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – Welcoming Our New Additions – Winter Aconite & Cameron

Like all expectant parents, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new little one. We are so proud to introduce you to our first bloom of the year, winter aconite. At no pounds and only 2 inches tall, this newborn arrived today, amidst much speculation about the arrival date.

Oh, there will be more. Winter Aconite shows up reliably in mid to late February.
In a week or so it will be scattered throughout my vinca. We’ve got it right outside the front door so there is no missing it.

Ours came from at a garage sale – we were allowed to snatch it right out of the garden. I’ve also bought a few packages of the tiny bulbs over the years. They’re a good get – small, inexpensive, and you plant them really close to the top of the soil. Easy.

Our other new addition is ever so much more exciting. This one is 22 inches tall and weighed in at a full 9 pounds. Cameron is our new grandson, and he was born on December 28th. Welcome little one. Grandma loves you!

Do you want to know what else is blooming in the February garden? To see what other bloggers have blooming on the 15th of every month, visit “May Dreams Gardens – Bloom Day” for our Garden Bloggers’ Bloom day entries.

A sure sign of spring – the Chicago Flower and Garden Show is March 10th to 18th.  Mike and I are both excited to be speakers this year.  Join us on March 17th, when Mike will talk about dahlias, and my presentation will be on Low Maintenance Gardening.

8 comments to Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – Welcoming Our New Additions – Winter Aconite & Cameron

  • I’ve never grown winter aconite. Yours is beautiful, and how wonderful having blooms so early in the year! Your new little grandson is adorable – congratulations!

    Happy Bloom Day!

  • Tom

    Oooo exciting (on both counts)! I can never get winter aconite to establish so I have yet to actually ever see them in person but they seem adorable!

  • That has to be one of the sweetest baby pictures ever — and perfect for this occasion.

  • Congratulations, Grandma! He’s a sweet little bundle.
    Is that Eranthis cilicica, which has more divided leaves? It’s kind of hard to tell from the photos. I grow it, but mine have yet to make an appearance, more’s the pity, as they were planted to bloom with the snowdrops. I’ll have to go out & take a look right now to see if they’ve sprouted yet.

    • Carol Cichorski

      Hi Barb – It does definitely have divided leaves, so though my search for the package was not surpringly unsuccessful, I bet you’re right. Hope you find some. Your back yard is pretty protected, so if thats where they are, I bet you’ll find them soon.

  • How precious!!! Did the baby come from the winter aconite patch? haha! 🙂 I must put some winter aconite on my to-buy list. I’ve never tried it before, either.

    • Carol Cichorski

      I’m laughing! I hven’t found the bulbs in the store, but I do remember buying some in the fall from a mail source several years ago. I think it was only about $5 for 10 bulbs

  • My Winter Aconite is far from blooming. Even though I live on Lake Michigan a couple of hours north of you, still have no blooms. I will follow your blog to see what goes on down your way as a nearby gardener. Enjoy. Jack

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