Pickles (Yes Pickles)

Compliments of Michele George

-enough fresh cucumbers or pickles to fill a 1 gallon container
-1 1/2 quarts of water (6 cups)
-1 cup white vinegar
-1/4 cup canning or kosher salt
-1/2 cup sugar

Wash & scrub cucumbers, cut lengthwise into spears.  Put cucumbers in a large crockery or non-metallic container.  (I used my large glass cooking pot with lid)

Boil & pour remaining ingredients over pickles.

Add 1 sliced medium onion & fresh dill (& garlic).

Cover & let stand at room temperature for 24 hours.

Place into smaller non-metallic containers.  Refrigerate.

(It takes more than a week for the flavors to mellow out and for the pickles to start to absorb the flavors-so try to be patient.)

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