Pumpkins So Easy You Don’t Need Directions

Simple. That’s what Ginny is aiming for. And the pumpkins we created while camping in Door County are just that. Well, just that and more, with the more part being that they are awfully cute. To Ginny, simple was one big pumpkin transformed to cute in no time at all. To me, it was pumpkins so easy that I could actually make a bunch of them. Still simple, only on steroids.

Carol and Ginny and their pumpkins – Peninsula State Park, WI

Football pumpkin

Or how about this manly pumpkin version. A little something that Mike might even admit he and I worked together on.

My gosh, just look at these pumpkins and you don’t need directions at all. As a matter of fact, the only directions I am going to give you is where to buy your pumpkins. That would be Dairy View Country Store in Door County, Wisconsin. Ok, that might not be possible, but as long as I am aiming for simple, I might as well aim for perfect world as well.

So just imagine…

Sitting in these chairs eating ice cream…

Dairy View Country Store – Door County, WI

Looking at this view…

Dairy View Country Store – The view

And planning your pumpkin. Yep, simple is good.

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