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It seemed like such a simple task. A rainy day. A little painting in the basement before work. Just a few signs and a small fence. The operative word here is ‘seemed’, because I have once again proved that everyone needs an editor. Dozens of Dahlias
Now keep in mind that I do Instructional Design for a living, in particular editing and improving other people’s class materials. Perhaps that is a fact I shouldn’t share. Too late. Yes, I too need an editor.

I did better on the next sign, the one for my zinnia garden.

Zillions of Zinnias

Perhaps the dahlia sign with the typo was subconscious, as Mike and I have a running competition each year between HIS dahlia garden and MY zinnia garden. He always wins, and I will repaint the sign so as not to appear disparaging. Perhaps I will even spell ‘dahlias’ correctly. Mike plants dahlias 2

Granted, Mike’s dahlia garden isn’t much to look at yet, but it will be. He will win. It will be an in-your-face kinda win, as you can see here from a past year dahlia that is as big as my face.
Carol and Bodacious

I can live with that.

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