Garden Overview

Bits and pieces. Bits and pieces. I’ve toyed with you for months now talking about various parts of the garden, always giving you bits and pieces. Its time to see the garden as a whole, or at least as much of it as Kevin can get in his fisheye lens in this shot. He certainly . . . → Read More: Garden Overview

Pumpkin-a-day #20- My Pumpkins And A Fisheye Lense

This is what a fisheye lense can do for you. Pretty cool. Actually, this is what a fisheye lense did for Kevin, not me.

He and I made the green pumpkin last year. And if you’ve been a regular visitor you know that I already posted a picture of the lighted pumpkin on . . . → Read More: Pumpkin-a-day #20- My Pumpkins And A Fisheye Lense

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