Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – Color In My Winter Garden

I’ve got color in my yard. Yes, December in Chicagoland and I have color! Granted, none of it is provided by flowers, but I’m not going to let that little detail stop my yard from being colorful. Certainly the snow has been a bit of a detriment to color in the garden. Or has it? . . . → Read More: Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – Color In My Winter Garden

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – For Everything There Is A Season

A garden distinctly marks the passage of time. Kind of like life, with people growing and shining, and sadly over time, gone. We are experiencing this in both our garden walk and life walk in pronounced ways. Dahlias gone, mums shining, Linda failing, grandchildren shining.

In the category of ‘gone’, we have the dahlias. Mike’s . . . → Read More: Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – For Everything There Is A Season

Fingers Numb

I write to you with fingers numb. I think that I might lose a thumb. Chicago’s temperature is 33. Yet I was gardening – crazy me.

The sun was shining. The birds were singing. I was smiling, trimming, digging.

Digging through the shed so deep, my gardening tools buried in the heap. But out they . . . → Read More: Fingers Numb

4 Out Of 5 Mums Came Back

I tried a mum experiment last fall. It was my justification for doing what I wanted to do anyway – buy mums! My quandary with buying mums in the autumn is that they don’t often come back for me. If I can find some this spring, I’ll plant them now. It will be cheaper. I . . . → Read More: 4 Out Of 5 Mums Came Back

OhWhatAWednesday – The Mum Experiment

Interested in seeing the results of this experiment? See 4 Out of 5 Mums Came Back.

I posted an article a few weeks ago on mums. Basically • I like them, • Many of the ones I plant in the autumn don’t come back, • and I would like them to.

You can see . . . → Read More: OhWhatAWednesday – The Mum Experiment

To Mum Or Not To Mum

Autumn is such a lovely time of year! Mike and I seriously look forward to it. We even chose to get married in the Fall so we could honeymoon in Door County during the color change.

And we like mums. Not like we like Dahlias, but they are a nice seasonal plant. We even planted . . . → Read More: To Mum Or Not To Mum

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