The Georges’ Attract Birds All Winter Long

Food – Water – Shelter. Those 3 words should be enough for an article on attracting birds for the winter. Just 3 words: Food – Water – Shelter. There, I’m done. Well, not exactly.

Those 3 words (Food – Water – Shelter) were not new information for me, and those 3 words (Food – Water . . . → Read More: The Georges’ Attract Birds All Winter Long

Pioneer Day Scarecrows

We are having a wonderful fun-filled autumn. So much so that I’m a bit behind on getting these Pioneer Day pictures posted. As you may have read in my last posting, I had quite the to-do list this last week. I love crossing things off my to-do list; however, maybe I should just put . . . → Read More: Pioneer Day Scarecrows

We Made Linda’s Day!

Doing something over-the-top nice for someone is so much fun. It is especially fun when they aren’t expecting it. Linda expected us to come over to clean up her garden a bit. She didn’t expect us to come with 2 carfuls of plants. She did not expect her yard to be transformed. I bet . . . → Read More: We Made Linda’s Day!