How To Build A Brick Pathway – The Planning Stage

The wheels in my brain are turning. This is always a scary thing for Mike. He sees steam spurting out, fire spewing, and moving parts everywhere. I promised him a life of naps and homemade pierogis. Perhaps, just perhaps, that isn’t exactly what happened. He has yet to see a homemade pierogi. On the plus . . . → Read More: How To Build A Brick Pathway – The Planning Stage

Oh No, No Patio

I’m definitely not in Disney World anymore. In Disney World I would not have to pick between soffits/fascia and a brick patio. The soffits and fascia would be beautiful on my castle, the surrounding patio and grounds would be gorgeous, and Prince Charming would be awaiting my return from my recent business trip.

Alas, reality . . . → Read More: Oh No, No Patio

Oh No, The Patio

Commitment can be scary. Once I’ve committed to do something, I actually feel compelled to do it. There is no turning back. Which is why I made an external commitment about the patio. It’s one thing to be planning to build a patio someday. It’s another thing to post on the blog last fall that . . . → Read More: Oh No, The Patio