Zone 5 – Favorites On The 5th – One Sad Amaryllis

I told you in the title that my amaryllis looked sad. But you didn’t believe me, did you? I bet you do now. One look at this picture and you are probably wondering what the heck happened to it. Summer outside is what happened to it. So now here I am with one droopy gangly looking long leaved plant. What am I going to do about it?

For now, I’m going to make amaryllis the theme of ‘Zone 5 – Favorites on the 5th’. I post on the 5th of every month, redirecting visitors to a favorite posting relative to zone 5. As I meandered through blogger world looking for a way to resuscitate my amaryllis, I came across Amaryllis – Beauty In The Winter Garden at Gatsbys Gardens.

I’ve got to agree with Eileen that buying the biggest bulb you can find is the costly but rewarding way to go. This Samba bloom came from a Pesche’s bulb last winter. We’ll see if I find a way to bring it back to its former glory. In the meantime, I may just head over to Pesche’s tomorrow as I know the bulbs are in.

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  • Carol Cichorski

    Here’s what Eileen said…

    All water should have been suspended as of September 15th so that the foliage can dry up. If this has not been done cut back the foliage to four inches above the shoulder of the bulb and hope that it will bloom again. If not head off to the Garden Center.

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