Fingers Numb

I write to you with fingers numb.
I think that I might lose a thumb.
Chicago’s temperature is 33.
Yet I was gardening – crazy me.

The sun was shining.
The birds were singing.
I was smiling, trimming, digging.

Digging through the shed so deep,
my gardening tools buried in the heap.
But out they came and so did I.
A joyous day oh my oh my!

It’s true. I just could not stop myself from gardening on this February day. Well, maybe I didn’t want to stop myself. Not even when I saw the dreaded inside of our shed…

Eventually, I found this, my basket of gardening tools…

It was the urn that was calling to me this morning. Time for a little spring cleaning.

It took just a few minutes to make it look like this…

And the best part, look what I discovered as I cleaned up by the mums – new growth. Spring is coming early to our garden.

This was SO worth it!

6 comments to Fingers Numb

  • Kudos to you! I considered it briefly today but the nip in the breeze directed me to a walk at the arboreteum instead. That and about twenty minutes of staring at and poking my little seedlings!


  • Sue

    I’m glad that the shed of an expert gardener looks the same as mine! I too had to get outside. Found signs of new growth and WEEDS. I nipped those in the bud!
    Carol, I am really looking forward to hearing you speak at the Garden show in a few weeks.

  • Lucille

    I love your poem. My potting shed is my special place but right now it looks a lot like yours…..looking forward to the day I will get out there and clean it up.

  • Patrice Goostree

    I too have been out in the garden for weeks. Dress warm and it doesn’t matter. Grasses to be cut down… plans to make. I am currently trying to help with a garden for emergency staff at Alexian Brothers. Would love to have the help of the garden club to donate shade plants and help with monthly maintenance. Look forward to talking to you.


    • Carol Cichorski

      Hi Patrice

      It was warm out in the garden today, if you don’t blow away that is. I’ll pass your note on the Michelle & Bob George, they are our new President.

  • […] what my collection of tools looks like. Really, you don’t. Oh, OK, you can look at them in Fingers Numb. Our shed inspired me to write this earlier this […]

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