Christmas Gifts For The Gardener – What Did Carol Get?

What did I get for Christmas?? Let’s start with what I didn’t get…

  • I did not get a new grandchild. The doctor says tomorrow. Really.
  • I did not get Christmas dinner at my brother Bob’s house. We got to make dinner at our house with 3 hour notice and only the Japanese grocery store open. California Spring Rolls and fish were perhaps a bit non-traditional.
  • I did not get to play the guitar at my brother Joe’s house. This is a good thing. Pretty much everyone else did play the guitar while we all sang Christmas Carols. What a wonderful time!
  • I did not get to stop laughing for a long time during Holiday Charades.

I did get a few garden related gifts.

We watched my new ‘First Flight’ video last night. Quite the short story. If I was lucky enough to have a mother hummingbird nest at my house, we’d relish watching her and her babies, but I certainly would not have the gear to get the amazing videos that Noriko and Don Carroll took. Nor would I have the patience to do so over the several years it took to complete the story. Put this lovely video on your own shopping list if you have to, but get it!

First Flight – A Mother Hummingbird’s Story – Trailer

Then there were the plant tags from Mike. His persistence in finding the perfect plant tag for me is amazing. I think he did it! They won’t get lost, the writing won’t wear off, they won’t break, and the price was right. Wow. He used a nail to easily scribble ‘Merry Christmas’ on one. The tags will be placed on the Christmas light holders you see here. Now that’s thinking outside of the box.

I have been blessed this Christmas with the gift of baby Jesus. Soon I’ll have the gift of baby Cameron as my new grandchild. My family is growing, and that is a wonderful gift from God, for Christmas, and for the rest of the year.

What other gift ideas did Carol have for gardeners? See:

3 comments to Christmas Gifts For The Gardener – What Did Carol Get?

  • Jackie Drozd

    You forgot to tell the highlight of the evening at our house-Your performance of “The 12 Days of Christmas”.

  • Jackie Drozd

    You forgot to tell about one of the highlights of the party at our house-Your inimitable version of “The 12 Days of Christmas”! Maybe next year we can set up a video camera to capture your performance for posterity. Jackie
    Happy New Year with your new little grandson!

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