Pretty In Pink On Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

Pink. Today I am doing pink. More like PINK than pink. On the 15th of each month, bloggers post on what’s blooming in their garden. I want to fully comply, but I’m just going to have to stick with one category, or this blog will go on for days. So pink it is.

Our honeysuckle qualifies as pink. The honeysuckle would be overgrown if the Sweet Autumn clematis near it wasn’t such a garden thug. I can’t show you the overgrown clematis, because it isn’t pink.

This Kidd’s Climax dahlia certainly qualifies as pink. It also qualifies as huge and outstanding. As you can see, they named it Climax for a reason.

Many many dahlias are blooming now. With 100 plants, even a bad growing year like this one results in a lot of flowers. You’ll just have to believe me on that. I’d show you a picture, but I can’t, because they aren’t all pink, and I already told you we are doing pink so stop asking.  

Mike starts our dahlias in the basement long before spring. By the time they go in the ground in late May, they have a great head start.  His dahlias start blooming in early August, and thrive through mid-October. 

The Kiara Pompadour in our birdbath is pinkish, so I’ll let you see that one.

A few more lovelies include pink cleomes and pink zinnias.

Oh, there is more, but I’m going to stop soon. First I need to scare you a bit. See this Autumn Joy sedum. Its pink. That means autumn is here. Yep, scary. Ok, now I can stop.

What else is blooming in the September garden? To see what other bloggers have blooming on the 15th of every month, visit “May Dreams Gardens – Bloom Day” for our Garden Bloggers’ Bloom day entries.

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