Happy 1st Anniversary To OhWhatA.com

Time for you to fill in the blanks.  Look at the pictures below to get some help.

Me and the web… A __________________   ____________________ in _________________.
A in

Go ahead, fill in the blanks…  The pictures accurately describe ‘A  match made in Heaven’. 

I am so happy to be celebrating my first year of blogging. It has been quite the experience. I love my garden. I love other gardens. I love taking pictures of gardens.  I love sharing what I’ve learned about gardening. (Hmmm…are we seeing a pattern here?).  So of course, I love to blog! A perfect medium for sharing my garden and teaching others.

I don’t tend to do anything small, and I don’t restrict myself to only doing what I know how to do. Exhibit #1 of course being the mosaic I use as my banner. So what if I’d never done one before? So what if most people who take a class make a trivet? So what if mine is instead 3 feet by 8 feet? Should I have been thinking I couldn’t do that? Apparently that thought didn’t enter my head, so I just did it.

Same thing for the blog.  It certainly took some ‘stick-to-it-ive-ness’ to get to this anniversary.  I lived up to the commitments I made, like promising to blog a scarecrow a day, then a pumpkin a month, then weekly postings on what looked good in my Chicago garden during the winter, and then to write twice a week over the busy summer.  I feel like Elle Wood screaming ‘We did it’ at her Harvard graduation in Legally Blond.

It’s been a learning experience for me. Certainly the year ended as such at the Garden Writers Association annual symposium.  I was there this week, with people who actually get paid to write. On the blog’s one year anniversary, I spent the day visiting beautiful gardens, learning about professional writing, and congratulating those who won awards at the banquet.  And when the clock struck 12, this Cinderella was dancing up a storm.  

Now, I’m back home with even bigger plans.  That’s always scary for Mike.  He said it’s OK as long as he doesn’t have to grout or hang it on the kitchen wall.  Well, we’ll see about that.

Thanks for joining me for the ride!


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