Someone Make Those Frogs Shut Up!

Just two weeks I wanted a frog.  Last week I wanted the *(&DF*&!p; things to shut up.  I had a million of those dang frogs.  They were either all peeping, or all quiet.  Then all peeping.  Then all quiet.  I know this about frogs because I had soooo many of them.  A whole marsh full of them as a matter of fact.  I had an egret too, and heaven knows what else was out there.

How can that be you ask?  Two weeks ago, no frogs.  Last week, too many frogs.  Was Mike really that good at building the frog-friendly environment I outlined?  He’s good – but not that good.  I was on a business trip in Orlando.  This was my fourth week here this summer.  Same hotel, different room, different view.  This time, I had the marsh view.  Hmmm…I don’t remember seeing that in the promos.  One thing for sure, I can say that Orlando marsh territory is clearly (in a mucky sort of way) good for attracting frogs.

I jest when I say I want the frogs to shut up.  Frogs come with good memories for me.  Many years ago, we enjoyed an unplanned vacation at the end of a business trip because I had to have the family come to Hilton Head. It was both frog-friendly and family-friendly.  We had a great time, and each night I fell asleep to the sound of the frogs.  I still have a picture on the wall of Kevin playing in the sand.  I can picture him even now at the age of 2 in his red swim trunks.

Then there is Devil’s Lake.  I know John remembers looking for frogs when we camped there.  He has camped there since and mentioned it.

The kids have long since grown, and still I’m making new frog memories.   When Mike and I drive past Busse Woods in April, we open the windows in anticipation.  Eventually, we are rewarded with the sound of peeper frogs and we know spring is coming.   We smile at each other and repeat frequently.

So, yes, I want a frog.  And no, I don’t really want my borrowed frogs to shut up.   You have to find your memories where you can.  And mine, well, I find some in frogs.

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