Winter Interest Morphs into Spring To Do List

Oh my gosh. Regine was right. ‘Gardening IS housework you do outside’. Last week my garden was filled with Winter Interest. This week it is filled with Spring To Do Items. My many beautiful grasses have gone from wispy to weepy. Autumn joy sedum has no more joy. Little lumps of snow covered kale looked cute. Now they border on disgusting. And they are on the wrong side of the border. Speaking of disgusting … If you can find snow around Chicagoland, its in a parking lot, disguised as a grey mountain of yuchh. Whose idea was this spring thing anyway???

My garden looks like this:

And this:

But wait, is that my first tiny bloom of winter aconite? Yes!

And tulips. Could those be tulips? Yes!

Thank you God, for the gift of seasons!!!

To see what else is in bloom on the 15th of every month, visit May Dreams Gardens.

9 comments to Winter Interest Morphs into Spring To Do List

  • Looks like your garden is waking up from its’ slumber and there will be colour everywhere very soon. Love the little Aconite.

  • Regine

    Who doesn’t like snow? At least it made everything look beautiful. And each new batch covered up the dog poop. And you couldn’t see the areas that hadn’t been covered by mulch that I was supposed to do last fall. And the chores that I wanted to do inside the house over the winter haven’t been finished. It’s time you come visit me, so I have a deadline to work towards to. 4 weeks notice please!!!

  • Lol, Carol, I have had much the same feelings the past week or two. Looking around my garden, I have so much to do and wish the ground would dry out so I could get busy. But seeing those first signs of spring bulbs make it all worth it. Spring is sure to come soon!

  • So glad God gives us each new season!!! And that you found that tiny little aconite. 🙂 Soon spring will be at your front door!

  • Spring is indeed a season to be thankful. In a few weeks, we’ll be able to see the colour of your tulips!

  • Carol Cichorski

    Hmmm…speaking of inside chores…will we EVER finish the addition???? And dog poop, in more ways than one, we don’t want to go there!

  • I’m so glad you posted for Bloom Day. I also garden in Chicagoland. While gardening may be compared to outdoor housework, I’d rather dig a trench than vacuum, any day. I need to go poke around under the leaf mulch to see if my Eranthis are sprouting. They look so freaky when they’re sprouting.

    • Carol Cichorski

      Nice to hear from you. I’ve poked around your site and added you to my blogroll. Even made a note in my Task List to go back to your Clematis tab when its time to buy another. I have not done as well as you have with them so I think my next step is to try some that you recommend.

  • Lucille

    Just being out in the garden feeling the sun is wonderful…
    Hopefully the 22 inches of snow will soon be a memory.

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