We’re Planning A Patio

I’d say the operative word in the title of “We’re planning a patio” is “planning”. We’ve been planning it for a while. Ever since the driveway bricks from a neighbor found their way to our yard. You don’t want to know how long ago that was. Really, you don’t. So if you think our patio looks like the one in the picture, afraid not.

This project tends to get forgotten with higher priority projects taking, well, priority. Let’s see if my commitment to a blog update on June 15th of 2011 will give us the incentive to make progress by then. Please mark your calendars – I did. I gave myself an Outlook task dated June 10th. Knowing that you are going to make a calendar task for June 15th to check up on me should get us moving along.

So what makes this fit in the Work Less category? We have a lot of mulch in our yard, including paths and the area where the tables and chairs are. It’s work to remulch, and it’s work to weed. The work has got to stop!

Wondering what our bricks really look like? Here ya go…

Ergo, the project lives!

Come back and put me to the progress test.

P.S. Don’t tell Mike. Let me break it to him gently.


This article is the start of something bigger – a series on our patio project. See Oh No, The Patio and Oh No, No Patio. There will be more.

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