The Colors of Autumn

Blue skiesI’ve been going through my recent photos, and I was struck by the vibrant colors that autumn brings. The explosion of color vibrated through each photo, from the last of the dahlias, to each supposedly last bike ride I’ve taken for the year, to the last of the leaves now flittering down. This autumn, color has been God’s gift. So if you are thinking the seemingly plain old blue sky to the right is plain and old, don’t. I have repeatedly enjoyed that blue sky this autumn. No, the sky didn’t have the words in it when I was taking the picture, but it might as well have.

What the sky did have that day was a magnificent view from Peninsula State Park in Door County.

Pretty view at Peninsula (640x360)
Other times, the sky blue has been obstructed by a spattering golden leaves, like these, but that’s a good thing.
20151101_130425 (640x360)

It’s like our dahlias even know to bloom in brilliant fall colors. Our last dahlias seemed to scream autumn. This one is Normandy Sweet Lucy, and sweet she was. Normandy Sweet Lucy autumn (640x427)

Lucy may have screamed autumn, but I think some of our dahlias simply screamed. Utter destruction. I would have screamed too.

Dahlias Done (640x427)

Back to our regularly scheduled program, you know, beautiful colors. I try to plan my Busse bike rides so that I get to this spot when the sun is shining just right. Sparkling water just gets to me. How in the world does water change color like that? I don’t really want you to answer, we are right back to its a gift.

Sparkling Water at Busse (457x640)

Even the sky in Door County was magnificent this year. We have the pleasure of planning our days around what time the sun is gonna set. Sure, I’m used to sky blue, but sky pink?
Sunset pink (640x360)

Pink skies? Shimmering water? Perhaps we are a little jaded. After all, I simply expect the leaves to change color, and I rarely stop my daily activities for a sunset. Yep, a gift. Thank you God!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.
James 1:17

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  • Love it Carol……exactly my sentiment about this year’s seasons. Perhaps it’s just because I needed to see it more to lighten my thoughts or just to enjoy and appreciate God’s majesty. Either way, this year has brought me to a more heightened awareness of the beauty of nature….especially the blue, pink, magenta, lavender, grey, cloudy, clear, starry and awesome sky!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and words.

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