Pioneer Day Scarecrows

We are having a wonderful fun-filled autumn. So much so that I’m a bit behind on getting these Pioneer Day pictures posted. As you may have read in my last posting, I had quite the to-do list this last week. I love crossing things off my to-do list; however, maybe I should just put . . . → Read More: Pioneer Day Scarecrows

We’re Not In Panic Mode – Yet

As the day of an event draws near, it becomes time to reprioritize. You know what I mean – If the relatives are coming over for a visit, the plan to really clean the house eventually turns into ‘oh well, they’re family’. That’s what can make an impromptu visit so easy – no expectations and . . . → Read More: We’re Not In Panic Mode – Yet

Pioneer Day – The First Scarecrow Picture

It begins! I have some great pictures to share with you from Elk Grove Village’s Pioneer Day. I still need to sort through them, so for now I offer you just this one. Well, just these two. Or does it count as one because both pictures are in one. I’m so confused.

We had pictures . . . → Read More: Pioneer Day – The First Scarecrow Picture

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – Game On

It seemed like my zinnia bed had a chance of beating Mike’s dahlias. But preseason performances can be deceiving. Take the Bears for example. They looked pretty poor this week, but we Chicagoans know they are going to the Superbowl.

The big question at our house this preseason was whose garden was going to the . . . → Read More: Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – Game On

We Made Linda’s Day!

Doing something over-the-top nice for someone is so much fun. It is especially fun when they aren’t expecting it. Linda expected us to come over to clean up her garden a bit. She didn’t expect us to come with 2 carfuls of plants. She did not expect her yard to be transformed. I bet . . . → Read More: We Made Linda’s Day!

Zone 5 – Favorites On The 5th – You Can Make A Scarecrow With Us

I welcome you to ‘Zone 5 – Favorites on the 5th’. I post on the 5th of every month, redirecting visitors to a favorite posting relative to zone 5. Today we will travel back in time to a day when families played together. A day when a fun family activity did not require an IPOD, . . . → Read More: Zone 5 – Favorites On The 5th – You Can Make A Scarecrow With Us

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