I Want A Frog

We have been to some magnificent gardens lately. Should I write about the one in Barrington that had waterfalls and ponds, a forest-like backdrop, and this idyllic fireplace area? No, not yet.

How about the garden you see below? That doesn’t look like a garden to you? That’s because this 50 acre site, with a . . . → Read More: I Want A Frog

View From The Bedroom Window

This is the beauty we get to wake up to each morning. (And looking at the title, you thought this was not going to be family friendly. Shame on you. This is a gardening blog.)

13 years ago we moved into this tiny house, and even with the addition we’ve since put on, the . . . → Read More: View From The Bedroom Window

Transplanting In The Heat Of Summer

What is going on in my garden? Take a look at this picture and play the guessing game. Well, if you’ve read the title, you probably know I’m not expecting rain. I had to transplant something on a really hot day and I wanted success. Though there is no guarantee that transplanting in the middle . . . → Read More: Transplanting In The Heat Of Summer

Fear Of Green On Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

I was afraid. Very afraid. Afraid that inviting the Dahlia Club, Elk Grove Garden Club, and Bloomingdale Garden Club to visit our yard in mid-July would be a time of green. As in green everywhere with nothing much in bloom. After all, the garden was spectacular in late June with the roses and Asiatic lilies . . . → Read More: Fear Of Green On Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

Pond Tours Coming Up – MPKS and Aquascapes

A beautiful pond eludes us. We try. Really we do. Mike put in a pre-fab pond several years ago, complete with a small stream and headwater. But we can’t seem to really get ‘there’. By ‘there’, I mean it just doesn’t look like a miniature version of this one that we saw on a pond . . . → Read More: Pond Tours Coming Up – MPKS and Aquascapes

1 Bucket Raspberry Bush + 7 Years = ?

The question ‘1 bucket raspberry bush + 7 years = ?’ is one to give serious thought to if you are considering planting raspberries. No, this is not one of those questions like ‘If a train leaves Boston at 8 AM, and travels 52 miles per hour, what time is it in St. Louis?’. Believe . . . → Read More: 1 Bucket Raspberry Bush + 7 Years = ?

Raspberry Lemon Muffins

Raspberry Lemon Muffins Taste of Home, Annual Recipes 1999

A favorite recipe of my neighbor Lynn. And just where does Lynn get her raspberries? See 1 Bucket Raspberry Bush + 7 Years = ?.

2 C flour ½ C sugar 1 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. baking soda ½ tsp. salt 2 eggs beaten lightly . . . → Read More: Raspberry Lemon Muffins

Red, White & Blueberry 4th Of July

We started our 4th of July celebration with a red, white, and blueberry delicious breakfast, enjoyed of course, outside in the yard. These things just seem to happen. I’m making breakfast, and Mike casually says something like ‘If you add some bananas and blueberries to the watermelon you’re cutting up, bet you could make it . . . → Read More: Red, White & Blueberry 4th Of July

Gardener Bloggers’ Muse Day – July 2011

Edith Holden, today you have been pre-empted for an important message from one Miss Gracie Meitzler. Edith, I have enjoyed posting religiously on Muse Day from your “Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady”, but not today, not this Muse Day. Today belongs to Gracie.

Gracie and her mom, Carrie, gave my garden TLC while I . . . → Read More: Gardener Bloggers’ Muse Day – July 2011

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