Dahlias Everywhere

We’ve run out of places to put plants, so Mike is considering the microwave and refrigerator.

Perhaps I’ve exaggerated a little. Just a little. Mike has potted up about 500 plants this spring. Some for us, and some for sales. There are about 350 dahlias, 60 calla lilies, 20 cannas, and some morning . . . → Read More: Dahlias Everywhere

Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques & Garden Fair – The Ideas Are Free

It is never too late for creativity, though it is too late to go to see it personally at the Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques & Garden Fair. The fair was last weekend, and I’m sooo glad I went. I’ve never been to the antique fair before, as I knew the prices would be out of . . . → Read More: Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques & Garden Fair – The Ideas Are Free

Baby Eagles

Look at this live stream of baby eagles on USTREAM. I’m watching Mom and Dad eagle and the little babies right now. I even hear them peeping. Soooo cute!

Video clips at Ustream

Decorah Eagles – As of 4/20/11

Total views: 48,400,160 The Raptor Resource Project brings you the Decorah Eagles from atop their . . . → Read More: Baby Eagles

I See The Light

Update 5-12-11:

I got an honorable mention in this April photo contest. Now I’m planning my attack for the May contest!!!!

How perfect. I had often stared at my refrigerator (yes my refrigerator) over the last few weeks. In morning’s first light, a nearby plant cast an intriguing shadow. Thanks to GardeningGoneWild, I knew . . . → Read More: I See The Light

Scilla Screensaver – Celebrating Spring On Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

I couldn’t help but make this scilla picture into my screensaver. It’s ideal with the vivid colors, and yet has room at the top and bottom for all those icons.

Scilla is so lovely this time of year. Ours is planted with periwinkle, winter aconite, and grape hyacinths under a big maple tree. Grass . . . → Read More: Scilla Screensaver – Celebrating Spring On Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

Garden Overview

Bits and pieces. Bits and pieces. I’ve toyed with you for months now talking about various parts of the garden, always giving you bits and pieces. Its time to see the garden as a whole, or at least as much of it as Kevin can get in his fisheye lens in this shot. He certainly . . . → Read More: Garden Overview

5 Articles That I Like

You might not have noticed, but my blog is not alone out there. As I did my research for today’s presentation to the Central State Dahlia Society meeting, I found some really good articles. I’ve attached the links so you can go exploring as well.

Testing Soil Quality by Growing Radishes By Mr. Brown Thumb

. . . → Read More: 5 Articles That I Like

How To Pot Up Dahlias To Get A Head Start

You can have dahlias blooming in your garden in August, even here in zone 5. Choose option #1 (do it yourself), or option #2 (don’t do it yourself).

Mike’s do-it-yourself option If you followed the instructions in You Want Me to Plant My Dahlias NOW?, you are prepared for the task. You’ve got your dahlia . . . → Read More: How To Pot Up Dahlias To Get A Head Start

Oh No, The Patio

Commitment can be scary. Once I’ve committed to do something, I actually feel compelled to do it. There is no turning back. Which is why I made an external commitment about the patio. It’s one thing to be planning to build a patio someday. It’s another thing to post on the blog last fall that . . . → Read More: Oh No, The Patio

You Can’t Trust Chicago Weather

It is spring, but you can’t tell by looking at Chicago weather. You can barely see the neighbor’s house. What did we do to deserve all of this snow on the Cub’s opening day?

Did I mention today is April 1st? Do you think that just perhaps it is your local blogger that you . . . → Read More: You Can’t Trust Chicago Weather