OhWhatAWednesday – Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry

I wanted one for years. We’d drive past Abraham’s and Judy’s home regularly and I would admire that which I did not have. We’re not talking about a fancy house, an expensive car, or a designer dog. The object of my admiration was…

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Cherry French Toast

This recipe was originally done with blueberries at the White Lace Inn in Door County, Wisconsin. I used frozen cherries, brought them to a boil with a little water, added some corn starch mixed with water, and let them cool in the fridge for a while to thicken.

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Who Are These Bloggers?

It took me a while, but I finally posted something about Mike and me. We are in the About tab.

OhWhatAWednesday – October Daphne Sedum

How about this for some surprising autumn color?

The bright pink is October Daphne sedum. It is such a cute little thing. We bought 5 small plants in 2007 and planted them amongst our ivy on the berm. I think some were eaten by the ivy, so we moved the sedum to another spot . . . → Read More: OhWhatAWednesday – October Daphne Sedum

Birds and Butterflies

I couldn’t help but post some of the beautiful shots that Lucille sent. I don’t know where they came from. I do agree you that you should be sure to see the last one.

And a Smile from God. You just have to love God’s sense of humor….

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Off With Their Heads!

Yes! An article by Mike…

Apparently the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland was a dahlia grower, and she knew what to do with dahlias after the first hard frost. The day after the first hard frost hit, I went out and cut the stalks of all the dahlias. I left about 6 . . . → Read More: Off With Their Heads!

OhWhatAWednesday – Strawflower

Today’s ‘OhWhatAWednesday’ article could be titled ‘OhMyGoshItsSunday’. Sorry about the delay in posting this week’s article. The work world commanded every waking hour this week. I’ll make up for it. Right after this article, I’ll post one on dahlias. So here we go…

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OhWhatAWednesday – The Mum Experiment

Interested in seeing the results of this experiment? See 4 Out of 5 Mums Came Back.

I posted an article a few weeks ago on mums. Basically • I like them, • Many of the ones I plant in the autumn don’t come back, • and I would like them to.

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