Pumpkin-a-day #27 – My Favorite Pumpkin!!

Here she is, my very favorite pumpkin. This is my grandchild Alexandria. She is almost a year and a half now, and helped me open my birthday presents this week. So cute, so well loved! She was full of ohhhhs and ahhhhs as she opened packages. We’d all cheer her on, she would laugh and . . . → Read More: Pumpkin-a-day #27 – My Favorite Pumpkin!!

Pumpkin-a-day #26 – A Guy Just Has To Use Power Tools

This is how Mike carves a pumpkin – with a drill!

Pumpkin-A-Day #25 – Aon Pumpkin Contest

The company I work for had a pumpkin decorating contest. Shazam – these folks really got into it! Be impressed, be really impressed. And the winners are … bet ya can’t wait … so here they are … right now …

. . . → Read More: Pumpkin-A-Day #25 – Aon Pumpkin Contest

OhWhatAWednesday – Autumn Joy Sedum

I can’t help but wonder when my garden will be truly done for the year. We are surprisingly still picking dahlias, a variety of sedums look great, and then there are the grasses. Gotta love the grasses. They’ll add texture to the garden all winter.

Today, we’ll talk about Autumn Joy Sedum. Here is . . . → Read More: OhWhatAWednesday – Autumn Joy Sedum

Pumpkin-a-day #24 – Keeping It Simple

Halloween is only a few days away. If you haven’t carved your pumpkin yet, you may be feeling anxious. Let’s get past that by using the templates here. These templates are cute and easy, so go for it today. Stop overthinking it and just have some fun!

Pumpkin Face templates

Two more things to . . . → Read More: Pumpkin-a-day #24 – Keeping It Simple

Pumpkin-a-day #23 – Time To Relax

Ahhh…time to relax.

Pumpkin-a-day #22 – Lets Go To BHG.com

The Better Homes and Gardens website has lots of fun Halloween ideas. I’m guessing you are anxious to go there to see these pumpkins and more. So without further ado, here is the website.


Pumpkin-a-day #21 – Barnyard animals

These farmers at Door County Nature Works have an unusual barnyard full of farm animals. The faces are worth focusing in on. And what a cute group of creatures. Fooled you – The alpaca is real!!

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Scarecrow-a-day #24 – My Mike

Yes, I’m officially done posting Scarecrows. Ok, I’m not. I just had to put in these shots of Mike.

Pumpkin-a-day #20- My Pumpkins And A Fisheye Lense

This is what a fisheye lense can do for you. Pretty cool. Actually, this is what a fisheye lense did for Kevin, not me.

He and I made the green pumpkin last year. And if you’ve been a regular visitor you know that I already posted a picture of the lighted pumpkin on . . . → Read More: Pumpkin-a-day #20- My Pumpkins And A Fisheye Lense