The Georges’ Attract Birds All Winter Long

Food – Water – Shelter. Those 3 words should be enough for an article on attracting birds for the winter. Just 3 words: Food – Water – Shelter. There, I’m done. Well, not exactly.

Those 3 words (Food – Water – Shelter) were not new information for me, and those 3 words (Food – Water . . . → Read More: The Georges’ Attract Birds All Winter Long

Zone 5 – Favorites On The 5th – Top 10 Takeaways From The Chicago Flower & Garden Show

Session after session after session after session. As the On-Site Seminar Manager for the Chicago Flower & Garden show, you’ve got to figure I have some takeaways to share. No, not leftover plants from the displays (darn). For this month’s Favorites on the Fifth, I’ll share my list of favorite informational takeaways from the show.

. . . → Read More: Zone 5 – Favorites On The 5th – Top 10 Takeaways From The Chicago Flower & Garden Show

Christmas Gifts For The Gardener – What Did Carol Get?

What did I get for Christmas?? Let’s start with what I didn’t get…

I did not get a new grandchild. The doctor says tomorrow. Really. I did not get Christmas dinner at my brother Bob’s house. We got to make dinner at our house with 3 hour notice and only the Japanese grocery store open. . . . → Read More: Christmas Gifts For The Gardener – What Did Carol Get?

Christmas Gifts For The Gardener – And For The Birds

Here is an opportunity to please your gardening friend, as well as his or her feathered friends. When it comes to Christmas gifts, Wild Birds Unlimited has a great variety of bird feeders and supplies.

Saturday morning at our house is for the birds. Well, not literally, but they can reliably be seen right outside . . . → Read More: Christmas Gifts For The Gardener – And For The Birds

Baby Eagles

Look at this live stream of baby eagles on USTREAM. I’m watching Mom and Dad eagle and the little babies right now. I even hear them peeping. Soooo cute!

Video clips at Ustream

Decorah Eagles – As of 4/20/11

Total views: 48,400,160 The Raptor Resource Project brings you the Decorah Eagles from atop their . . . → Read More: Baby Eagles

OhWhatAWednesday – Contorted Filbert

I’d like to introduce you to Curly. Curly is a contorted filbert, also known as Harry Lauder’s Walking stick, also known as corkscrew hazel, also known as Corylus avellana. How appropriate to put this shrub in this weekly series on winter interest. Curly has been in our yard for about 10 years now, and is . . . → Read More: OhWhatAWednesday – Contorted Filbert

OhWhatAWednesday – Gimme Shelter

Could this be the only kind of bird in my Chicagoland garden this winter?

Throughout the year, our yard is usually a haven for birds. I know they need food, shelter, and water if they are going to grace my yard. What they seem to need this year, is…..

. . . → Read More: OhWhatAWednesday – Gimme Shelter

Butterflies In November, Really!

I get to post this picture on a gardening website, in the Bird, Bugs, and flutterbies section no less. All because Allie is wearing a butterfly sweatshirt and jumping on the bed with the butterfly pillow. And because I wanted to! She really liked the pillow, so if you happen to have a 1 1/2 . . . → Read More: Butterflies In November, Really!

Birds and Butterflies

I couldn’t help but post some of the beautiful shots that Lucille sent. I don’t know where they came from. I do agree you that you should be sure to see the last one.

And a Smile from God. You just have to love God’s sense of humor….

. . . → Read More: Birds and Butterflies

Pumpkin-a-day #5 – My Not-So-Easy Carved Pumpkin

Here is one of my pumpkins from last year. True to form, I picked a not-so-easy one. Also true to form, it was garden related with butterflies and flowers. I spent an afternoon making my 2 pumpkins, and enjoyed that. I used a regular paring knife, and just didn’t carve all the way through.

. . . → Read More: Pumpkin-a-day #5 – My Not-So-Easy Carved Pumpkin

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