Healthy Fruit Tarts

I’m so tired of calorie filled treats! I’m not tired of the treats, I’m just tired of the calories. It was my turn to bring snacks to church and I went for healthier. This one was so good and so easy that I had to share it. The magic is in the Won Tons. I . . . → Read More: Healthy Fruit Tarts

Date & Nut Cookies

Date and nut cookies are a favorite at our house. You’d expect it to be chocolate chip or gingerbread men, but the unlikely winner is date and nut. I haven’t done much holiday baking yet, but we are already enjoying the delicious date and nut cookies.

1 c salted butter 1 ½ c . . . → Read More: Date & Nut Cookies

Easy And Fun Last Minute Thanksgiving Decoration/Recipe

We made this healthy appetizer last Thanksgiving and we’ll be doing it again tomorrow. It will look so cute on our host’s table, and give us a healthy appetizer option.

A New And Healthy Recipe For The Easter Table – Quinoa Salad With Apples And Almonds

I’m big on tradition for holiday recipes, but sometimes even I come across a recipe I’m willing to add to a special occasion menu. This one uses Quinoa. When I first told Mom about Quinoa last year, I pronounced it Quin-o-ah. I was so proud of myself for discovering this healthy grain. Pride goeth before . . . → Read More: A New And Healthy Recipe For The Easter Table – Quinoa Salad With Apples And Almonds

Cranberry Recipes

I can do better than canned cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I like canned cranberry sauce, but I love Mom’s cranberry jello. I’m also including cranberry recipes from Heidee, Marjie, and Marian. Their recipes were in the Do-able Dahlia Dishes cookbook that was published by the Central States Dahlia Society.

Cranberry Jello . . . → Read More: Cranberry Recipes

A Recipe For Mud

I came home today to mud in my refrigerator. I can’t explain it, but there it was. It has been years since that has happened and it reminded me of soccer. Fortunately, not of mud-caked clothes, but a snack appropriately named mud.

I, of course, did what came natural. I took a picture of it. . . . → Read More: A Recipe For Mud

Creamy Shrimp Tacos

You may have noticed that I don’t publish many recipes. This should be no surprise for a gardening blog. Yet Kraft has done it again – created a Santa Fe Cooking Creme recipe so good I just have to share. I did add one ingredient to their recipe for Creamy Shrimp Tacos – Spring Greens. . . . → Read More: Creamy Shrimp Tacos

Pesto Perfect

What makes this a perfect pesto recipe? It’s not the ingredients. It’s the storage technique. I’ve seen lots of pesto recipes, perhaps even the one you use. I encourage you to use whichever one you want. But be sure to use this storage technique if you want pesto throughout the year.

Got no basil? Try . . . → Read More: Pesto Perfect

Raspberry Lemon Muffins

Raspberry Lemon Muffins Taste of Home, Annual Recipes 1999

A favorite recipe of my neighbor Lynn. And just where does Lynn get her raspberries? See 1 Bucket Raspberry Bush + 7 Years = ?.

2 C flour ½ C sugar 1 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. baking soda ½ tsp. salt 2 eggs beaten lightly . . . → Read More: Raspberry Lemon Muffins

Southwest Pasta Skillet

Linda and I got free samples of Philadelphia Cooking Creme. I never really expected to like it. My gosh, it even sat in my refrigerator for a month before I figured I might as well use it. Let’s say I’ve had a ‘learning experience’, as I can see this Southwest Pasta Skillet becoming a staple . . . → Read More: Southwest Pasta Skillet