I’ve Got A New Old Camera – What Fun!

This is about all of those great pictures that I haven’t taken. Because now I can! This is for all of the times I would have liked to brighten a picture. Because now I can! And about all of those times I wanted clear and crisp detail. Because now I can! And I can select . . . → Read More: I’ve Got A New Old Camera – What Fun!

Not Your Ordinary Tulip

I propose that there is no such thing as an ordinary tulip. This tulip is one of many many many we saw at Sun City in Huntley this weekend. At first glance, we saw just rows and rows of tulips. But Mike pulled the car over because he knew I’d see more than that through . . . → Read More: Not Your Ordinary Tulip

This Picture Is Not In The Shadows Anymore

I’ve so excited! I won an honorable mention in Gardening Gone Wild’s April photo contest. That’s huge for someone who had never even entered a photo contest before. To see more of the entries, meander on over to Gardening Gone Wild. You can also see more of the pictures I considered entering by looking at . . . → Read More: This Picture Is Not In The Shadows Anymore

I See The Light

Update 5-12-11:

I got an honorable mention in this April photo contest. Now I’m planning my attack for the May contest!!!!

How perfect. I had often stared at my refrigerator (yes my refrigerator) over the last few weeks. In morning’s first light, a nearby plant cast an intriguing shadow. Thanks to GardeningGoneWild, I knew . . . → Read More: I See The Light

August Closeups Of My Garden

Butterfly visits Hibuscus

. . . → Read More: August Closeups Of My Garden

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