Come See Our Dahlias on September 10th

Its beginning to look a lot like dahlias! We’ve inviting YOU to come see them on Saturday, September 10th, from 1 PM to 4 PM. Mike and I are at 331 Forest View in Elk Grove Village, IL.

If you happen to have clothes that would work well for scarecrows, we’ll be collecting them for . . . → Read More: Come See Our Dahlias on September 10th

So You Want To Be A Flower Farmer

Have you got what it takes to be a serious flower farmer? Not a gardener, but an actual ‘I do this for a living’ kind of person. Liz Cardella does. Liz is pretty much a one-woman business when it comes to Collie Flower Farm in Woodstock, IL.

What has Liz got that perhaps you don’t? . . . → Read More: So You Want To Be A Flower Farmer

In the ‘Oops’ Category

It seemed like such a simple task. A rainy day. A little painting in the basement before work. Just a few signs and a small fence. The operative word here is ‘seemed’, because I have once again proved that everyone needs an editor. Now keep in mind that I do Instructional Design for a living, . . . → Read More: In the ‘Oops’ Category

The Hummingbirds Are Coming!

I put out my hummingbird feeder today. It is early, but I suffer from intense positivity. I also suffer from internet exposure. Fortunately, the internet resource is a reliable one. You too can go to Journey North to see that the first hummingbird in our Chicagoland area was reported on April 16th.

Journey North noted . . . → Read More: The Hummingbirds Are Coming!

Chicago Flower and Garden Show Discount Tickets

There. I have your attention. We all like saving money and $4.00 off the admission price for the Chicago Flower and Garden Show is attention worthy.

After all, the fragrance of 1000 hyacinths will be intoxicating. It has been an easy Chicago winter, but winter non-the-less. I am so ready for the show at . . . → Read More: Chicago Flower and Garden Show Discount Tickets

53 Pots of Dahlias and Counting

See that smile on Mike’s face? That is what happens when his dahlia tubers make it through the winter and he can start propagating. 53 pots of dahlias planted last week and still counting. The plan is for each of those to send up sprouts, and for each sprout to become a plant. Most of . . . → Read More: 53 Pots of Dahlias and Counting

Too Cold To Garden? Color!

“Those who can, garden. Those who can’t, color.”

Perhaps that is not exactly how the quote was originally written, but it is still true. So though it’s a bit chilly (OK, frigid) in Chicagoland, I can still add color to my not-so-real garden. Coloring books for adults are a big thing right . . . → Read More: Too Cold To Garden? Color!

Is Autumn Really Gone???

How quickly things change. My little friend is not ready for this weather.

The Colors of Autumn

I’ve been going through my recent photos, and I was struck by the vibrant colors that autumn brings. The explosion of color vibrated through each photo, from the last of the dahlias, to each supposedly last bike ride I’ve taken for the year, to the last of the leaves now flittering down. This autumn, color . . . → Read More: The Colors of Autumn

Bella! Our Dahlias are Bella!

Bella! That was Paula’s exuberant description of our dahlias. Paula is visiting from Italy. Fortunately, she is visiting a neighbor, not us, as we don’t speak Italian. But I knew it was good when she opened her arms wide in our dahlia garden and said ‘Bella’. Again and again ‘Bella’. And I knew it . . . → Read More: Bella! Our Dahlias are Bella!